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●  24.01.2023 -  It's common knowledge that bitches that live together come into season at about the same time. So it was no surprise that Luna and Jodie started their seasons within a couple of days. The novelty was that we had the crazy idea of mating them both! And oddly enough, all the stars aligned to make this crazy plan possible. So, after driving 5000 km through 5 countries and visiting two stud dogs in two different countries, we can announce that both Jodie and Luna are expecting their litters in the beginning of March. Exciting (and hectic) times are coming!



●  12.12.2022 -  Back from Madrid, the last show of the year, where Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) gets R/CCJ, that will be transformed in full CCJ. Though she was entered in only a few shows during 2022, Lady thus gets the following results:

● PT Young Hope (JE22)
● World Promise
● Junior Champion of Gibraltar
● Junior Champion of Spain

as well as:

● 1 x Best Puppy in Group
● 1 x 3rd place in the BIS Junior Female
● 1 x 3rd in BOG

Ready for 2023!

●  24.10.2022 -  Great result of Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) that, at only 10 month, gets 3rd in the BOG in Merida (Spain)!


●  25.09.2022 -  And we couldn't be prouder of our youngster Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) that despite being barely 9 months old has managed to get 2 CCJs, 2 BOB, selected in the final of Group 1 and 3rd place in the Best in Show Junior Females in the Aveiro shows!


●  29.08.2022 -  And finally it's official: Isla gets her Kennel Club Stud Book number, gained with her first places in the Limit Class and 2 R/CC. Congrats to super owner Jeanette Richardson (Storinblu kennel)!


●  28.08.2022 -  Thirty (yes, 30!) years ago, a letter from the portuguese kennel club confirmed that the kennel name "SeaLords" had been approved and registered at the FCI! It was our 4th choice (I still can't understand the criteria used by the FCI to reject my first choice) but nevertheless I had a kennel name! I was then far from imagining this would be a lifetime journey, and though there have been some lows, the highs have made worth it. Today I'm very proud of this journey, and though I live in a country with no other breeders or other quality dogs, not to mention the grooming and all the high maintenance this breed demands to be able to enter the show ring, I managed to keep improving and breed quality dogs, that can compete with the best, anywhere. Many thanks to all the fantastic owners that belong to our SeaLords family, without them all this couldn't have happened.


●  31.07.2022 -  Today it was time for Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) to shine at the Sintra International Show, where she gets Best Puppy and Best Puppy of Group!



●  24.07.2022 -  Aisha (SeaLords Tiny Dancer) does it again: 1st place in Obedience Grade 2 at the HousePet Trophee, well done!


●  18.07.2022 -  Time for Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) to raise the SeaLords flag real high: BOB and BOG at the Annandale Canine Society Open Show, so, so proud!


●  25.06.2022 -  And another successful show for Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) that at the World Dog Show, held in Madrid, gets 1st place in the Female Puppy Class with Very Promising, Best Puppy and her first title: World Promise 2020!




●  09.06.2022 -  Back from Miesbach, from the Euro OES Show, where we had two of our youngsters entered. Rio (SeaLords Rio Grande at Ettichetta Nera) was the first to enter and what a start: Best Baby Male! Later, it was time for sister Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) strut her stuff in the ring, ending up in an honourable second place. Both pups got excellent reports. Very proud!

●  14.05.2022 -  Great performance of Aisha (SeaLords Tiny Dancer) that wins again her class (Grade 2) in Obedience, the biggest of the day. Congrats to her and her owner!

●  08.05.2022 -  And sunday it was Isla's (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) turn to make us proud, by going 2nd in the Limit Class at the Birmingham National Champ Show, under judge Rodi Hubenthal!

●  07.05.2022 -  A great start to the show career of our puppies from litter R, Peter (SeaLords Rocket Man) and Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann), as both won their classes with a super report from judge Barbara Muller ("Pennylane" kennel).


●  20.04.2022 -  Our Zoe (SeaLords Sleepless in Seattle) has left us, just less than a week to her 15th birthday. Run free, crazy girl.

●  04.04.2022 -  Our Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) makes us very proud again: Best of Breed at the Lancastrian OES Club Open show!


●  14.03.2022 -  Aisha (SeaLords Tiny Dancer) starts her competition in Class 2 of Obedience and what a start: 1st Place! Congratulations to her and her owner, we are very proud of this duo!


●  28.12.2021 -  Puppies are now one week and most have already doubled their birth weight, as it should be. The little guy is hanging, let's hope he'll soon start growing properly. Our curves are a great help to monitor young ones, specially when there are puppies that are smaller/bigger than their siblings.

●  21.12.2021 -  And after a long day (and night ...) we already have our Christmas presents, 6 to be exact (5 boys and 1 girl). Mom and kids are doing fine, now it's time to enjoy the little ones!

●  12.12.2021 -  A great week-end for our breeding! Saturday, Aisha (SeaLords Tiny Dancer), in the last Obedience event of the year, won brilliantly the Portugal Cup and ends 3rd place in the overall national ranking in her class! Not bad for an OES competing with Border Collies and Malinois! Sunday, it was time for sister Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) to shine in the show ring, winning a very strong Limit class, the biggest of the day, at the Ladies Kennel Association Championship show. Many congratulations to the two sisters and their owners, without them these results wouldn't be possible!


●  12.11.2021 -  And after one unsuccessful try and a lost heat cycle due to the closing of the borders because of COVID, it is with great joy that we announce that Luna is going to have puppies! Fingers crossed all goes well and we will have beautiful babies!

●  27.09.2021 -  Back from Madrid, where Lightning (Multi Ch. SeaLords You've Got Mail) gained a new title: Veteran Champion of Spain!


●  17.09.2021 -  And a dream came true today, as Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) had again a successful performance at the Darlington Championship Show, where she not only won her class but was also awarded the R/CC! She also gains a KC Stud Book Number, and is thus qualified for Crufts for life. So, so proud and happy that one of our dogs is winning in the homeland of the breed!

●  22.08.2021 -  Today was a day to remember, as our little princess Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) won her class and finished BOB at the Blackpool Championship Show! She looked great in the big ring, and got selected in the Group! A great ending of a great day!


●  11.07.2021 -  Great news from the UK! Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) wins the Post Graduate class at the East Anglian Championship Show and gets her qualification for Crufts 2022! So, so proud!

●  17.06.2021 -  Back from the eye specialist with our girls. All clear!

●  09.05.2021 -  Great week-end for our dogs! Saturday, Aisha (SeaLords Tiny Dancer), after many months with no competitions, participated in the first Obedience competition of the year, winning the 1st place in her Class, the biggest one of the day, leaving behind dogs from more "obvious" breeds for this sport. Many congrats to her owner!


Meanwhile, her grand mother Lightning (Ch. SeaLords You've Got Mail) returned to the conformation rings, now in the Veteran Class, bringing from Badajoz (Spain) a fantastic R/BIS and the title Extremadura Winner!



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