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●  05.12.2018 -  And in the last show of the year, at Santarém, Jodie (Ch SeaLords Paper Moon) gets another BOB and ends as BOG 3rd! Although showed sparingly (only 7 shows), with her 6 x BOB, 2 x BOG 3rd, 1 x BOG 2nd and 1 x BOG 1st she assures the title of Best OES of the year, thus assuring a place in the history of the breed in Portugal!


●  06.11.2018 -  Back from Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) where Luna (JCh PT Bagatelle Moon Dust Fairy JLW18) had a successful weekend as she won 2 x CAC, 1 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, and was also selected in the Group (top 6 dogs) both days.



●  29.10.2018 -  We were at Arruda dos Vinhos with Jodie (Ch SeaLords Paper Moon), and she ended the day on the 2nd place of the podium!


●  21.10.2018 -  Happy birthday to our litter Q, Charlie (Ch PT, ES, GI, Iber, Int SeaLords Quantum Leap) and Purdey (Ch Lux, NL, D-VDH, D-DOESC SeaLords Quality Time), who turn 6 years today!


●  12.09.2018 -  We returned to Holland with Luna for the Rotterdam shows, to try finishing the NL JCh title. The judge of the saturday show, Salvatore Giannone, had judged Charlie in Santiago de Compostela some 3 years ago, so we knew he could spot a good dog.  The judge for the sunday show, Renate Chiodi, a dutch woman, was not known but we decided to risk. Saturday went well and Luna got the required 1. Exc in the Junior Class, and ended to be second best bitch, thus receiving a R/CAC, due to her movement that really sets her apart from the others. So we were hopeful for sunday but really had a strange feeling. And unfortunately we were right. We got a face judge, that right from the start made us feel that we were not welcome in her ring.  So it wasn't really unexpected to end last in the Junior Class. We were curious to see the report to find out which faults she had found that could justify the placings and it ended being hilarious: "13 months young bitch. A female overall picture. Strong female head. Great eyes. Tight scissor bite. Breed typical rising topline. Excellent forechest. Very good depth of chest. Could do with a little more angulations. Runs with an irregular stride. Coat in beautiful color and structure. Very calm temperament but needs to get used to the ring. 3rd very good"! So one days Luna wins because of her movement and the next she loses because of her movement, how interesting! Luckily another exhibitor made a video of her movement during the individual evaluation and what you see is a young dog moving beautifully, in a loose lead, like a pro. There were other dogs present that pulled on the leash, that didn't stand still during the individual examination and even one that was limping (and this was said by the judge herself) and all got an Excellent grading. So we were right, the judging did have little to do with the dogs and a lot with the handlers. Lesson learnt, next time we'll be more careful and investigate the judges (including their friends list in Facebook ...) before entering under them, specially if they are judging in their own countries, and definitely will avoid dutch judges altogether!


●  26.08.2018 -  Back from a 2 week vacation, time to update the site. After knowing the judges for Talavera and Malaga, we dropped the idea of trying to get the JCh ES title for Luna so we entered her for the World Winner and associated shows instead, and glad we did it as Luna had a wonderful set of results: in the biggest class and with fierce competition, she got 2. Exc in the Benelux Winner show, 2. Exc in the World Winner show and, finally, 1. Exc and R/CAC (that counts as a full CAC towards the dutch title) in the Specialty show! Luna was handled by our friend Joana Matos Correia, that had handled Woody 8 (!!!) years ago, and despite this being the second OES that she has ever handled she did a great job. Very proud of our little girl, that sure has a bright future ahead, we are really happy to have imported such a quality girl.

●  31.07.2018 -  And another show weekend, and a succesfull one. Our youngster Luna (Bagatelle Moon Dust Fairy) was entered in both Sintra shows and the results were 2 x CCJ, 2 x BOB and selected in the Group in the final day! With these wins Luna is now Portuguese Junior Champion, happy!



●  14.07.2018 -  Very successful show weekend at the Lisbon shows. We entered Luna (Bagatelle Moon Dust Fairy), her first outing, and Jodie (Ch. SeaLords Paper Moon) and all the objectives fullfilled: 2 CCJs and the title of Junior Lisbon Winner 2018 for Luna and 2 CACIBs, 1 BOB, 1 BOS and the title of Lisbon Winner 2018 for Jodie!




  08.06.2018 -  Happy birthday to our beautiful Woody (Multi Ch. Auriga's Woody Woodruff) on his 10th birthday, time flies!!!  

  17.05.2018 -  Happy birthday to our pups from litter P and litter M, who turned 2 and 3 years on the 15th and the 16th, repectively! We received some beautiful photos of happy dogs from happy owners, who can ask for more? 


  14.05.2018 -  Back from the Badajoz International Dog Show with Jodie (Ch. SeaLords Paper Moon) in her last entry in the Intermediate Class and mission accomplished: 1. Exc, CAC, CACIB and BOB!


  29.04.2018 -  Updated Jodie show results page, having returned from Madrid, the biggest show in Spain that is also a championship qualifier show. Again, a very internacional show, with dogs bred in Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia, the Netherlands and Italy. Jodie got the R/CAC and R/CACIB (that will be turned in full CACIB) behind a full grown 4 year old bitch and though it's not the result we have wished for it is nonetheless a good result given the competition.


  30.03.2018 -  Meet our new pack member, Bagatelle Moon Dust Fairy (Luna)! I've been following the Bagatelle kennel for about 8 -10 years but only in the beginning of 2017 I finally decided to make this dream come true (far from imagining the huge success that Sophia, Bagatelle Moonlight Drive, was going to have that year). And I couldn't be happier, Luna is the type of dog I like, compact with plenty of bone, with a movement to die for, and a sweet temperament on top. Stay tuned to get more news of this jewel!

  21.03.2018 -  Updated Jodie show results page. Fantastic results with our youngster Jodie (SeaLords Paper Moon) that during the weekend gains 2 x CAC, 1 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, 1 BOG3rd and closing with a BOG, thus finishing her Ch Portugal title in style! We couldn't be more proud, this girl is a joy to live with and a joy to show.

  28.02.2018 -  Updated Lightning show results page. Back from Sevilla, Spain, where we were seeking the final CAC for Lightning's Ch Spain title. And she did it in style, as she ended the day with a fantastic R/BIG!

  28.02.2018 -  We received the official HD results of Jodie and the result couldn't be better. HD A! Happy!


  16.01.2018 -  Back from Porto, that marks the start of the show season. And what a start! Jodie (SeaLords Paper Moon) not only gained the qualifier CAC that opens the path to the portuguese title, but awas also Best Bitch and then BOB! In the main ring she put up a lovely performance and was selected for the top 6 in the Group. Very proud of this little princess!

  01.01.2018 -  We wish all the members of our SeaLords family and our friends a Happy New Year!


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