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●  23.02.2024 -  the results of the DNA tests regarding Multi Ocular Disease have just arrived. As expected, all clear. 

●  26.01.2024 -  Another show for Heidi (SeaLords Had to be You) and another Junior CAC and BOB.


●  14.01.2024 -  First show of the year in Arruda dos Vinhos (PT) where Heidi (SeaLords Had to be You) wins her first Junior CAC and CACIB-J, and a lot of praise from the judge!  I'm really happy with the way she is developing and to see what a great mover she is.

Up north, our finnish ambassador Molly (SeaLords Over the Moon) did make us proud again as in the Lahti show she gained her first CAC-J, Best Junior and CAC, ending as second best bitch, behind a champion. Well done!


●  17.12.2023 -  First time in the Junior Class for Molly (SeaLords Over the Moon) and looking like the baby of the class, but still managed to get an Excellent grading and 3rd place at the Helsinki Winner Show. Well done.

●  02.12.2023 -  Show debut for Heidi (SeaLords Had to be You) and not a bad start at all, as she gets Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Group! Happy. 

●  26.11.2023 -  Another 2 x BPIB and a fantastic BIS 4th for  Molly  (SeaLords Over the Moon) in Estonia. Well done!

●  14.11.2023 -  Another show for Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) this time in Tarbes, France, where she gets another CAC, CACIB, BOB and the title of Latin Winner 2023!


●  04.11.2023 -  Another great success for Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu), BIS at the OES Club of Scotland! So proud


●  29.10.2023 -  A busy weekend for our kennel. In the UK, Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) was present at the Midland Counties Championship Show and got 2nd in Open Class, in a big class of 11 bitches, under judge/breeder Jem Swatkins (kennel Jemsue). Well done! In Valls, Spain, our youngster Rudolf (SeaLords Overnight Sensation) won another Best Puppy. Up north, sister Molly (SeaLords Over the Moon) also got Best Puppy in Lahti, Finland. And back home, our own Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) got R/CAC and R/CACIB at the Latin Winner show in Santarém. 


●  22.10.2023 -  Molly continues her successful show career. This time she was in Tallin, Estonia, and got  2 x BPIB  and was among the selected 6 dogs considered for BIS Puppy. Well done!

●  09.10.2023 -  A lovely weekend in Gibraltar, where Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) collects 2 x GCC and thus adds the title of Gibraltar Champion to her name! Our youngster Rudolf (SeaLords Overnight Sensation), that lives with Montse Voltes in Spain, was also present, gaining the title of Gibraltar Puppy Winner and Best Puppy in Group!  



●  23.09.2023 -  Show start for Molly (SeaLords Over the Moon) that lives with Päivi Kakriainen (kennel Blockhead's) in Finland. Molly was shown at the Palanga shows (Lithuania), winning 2 x BOB Puppy and thus gaining her first title, Lithuanian Puppy Champion. Well done!


●  28.08.2023 -  Our Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) has competed in Switzerland in the World Dog Show and connected shows (Grand Prix de Genève and Specialty), where some of the best dogs from the best european breeders were present. She behaved very well and looked like a picture, very happy with the results as she got, in all 3 shows, R/CAC.


●  29.07.2023 -  History has been made for our kennel today! Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) wins her (and ours) first CC!  Over the moon! Well done and many thanks to her super owners!


●  23.07.2023 -  Back from Silleda, Spain, where Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) wins 2 CAC, 1 CACIB and 2 BOB, thus fulfilling all the requirements for the Spanish Champion title!

●  14.07.2023 -  We just received the DNA results of our 2 youngsters: all clear!

●  08.07.2023 -  We went to France to deliver the last 2 puppies from the last litters to their new owner and decided to use the trip to enter Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) in the International Show in Bourges. And glad we did it, as she won CAC, CACIB and BOB, ending the long day by being selected in the Group (top 6). Lady has thus already 3 CACIBs in 3 different countries, just needs another CACIB next year to be able to claim her International title. 


●  25.06.2023 -  Fantastic show debut for our youngster Rudolf (SeaLords Overnight Sensation), that lives in Spain, achieving Best Baby of Breed on both shows held in Zaragoza during this weekend and finishing the sunday International show on the podium of the BIS!


●  08.06.2023 -  This weekend we were in Dijon, France, for the Breed Special and Championship Shows, mandatory points for the french champion title. Entering in the Intermediate Class and only 17 months old, Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann) didn't let us down, as she won in both shows R/CAC e R/CACIB. Very proud!



●  29.05.2023 -  Back from Madrid, where we participated in the spanish Championship shows with Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann), and objectives atained: 2 x CAC (opening the way to the Ch ES title), 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOS, the titles of Latin Winner 23 and RSCE Winner 23 and Crufts qualification!

●  15.05.2023 -  Back to shows with Lady (SeaLords Raggedy Ann), that for the first time was entered in the Adult classes, and we got good results: 2 CAC and 2 CACIB, in 2 different countries.


●  01.05.2023 -  Super results for our kennel during the weekend! Isla (SeaLords Tea for Two at Storinblu) made us proud again by going BIS at the Lancastrian OES Club Open Show!

Meanwhile, in Canada, Bolero (SeaLords Rainbow Moonstone Bagatelle) had his show debut at the Iberville cluster shows, organized by the Club Canin Rive-Sud de Montreal. Judges in Canada still have a long way to accept seeing tailed OES and to judge the dog only. Still, Bolero is looking beautiful and has a fantastic movement so he still managed to get a very honourable Reserve Winners Dog (the equivalent to a R/CAC), fingers crossed for the future!


●  10.03.2023 -  And we have a full house! As expected, Luna's litter was born during the very early hours of the 5th March, while Jodie had her babies during the 7th March. Mums and kids are doing fine. We may still have some beautiful show quality females available, drop us a line if you're interested.

●  07.02.2023 -  Freshly arrived!

●  24.01.2023 -  It's common knowledge that bitches that live together come into season at about the same time. So it was no surprise that Luna and Jodie started their seasons within a couple of days. The novelty was that we had the crazy idea of mating them both! And oddly enough, all the stars aligned to make this crazy plan possible. So, after driving 5000 km through 5 countries and visiting two stud dogs in two different countries, we can announce that both Jodie and Luna are expecting their litters in the beginning of March. Exciting (and hectic) times are coming!




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