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Photo at 6 weeks

JCh (PT, ES, Iber) Ch (GI, PT, IB) GrCh PT SeaLords Paper Moon  LW18 PW19 ALW19 BOB17'18

D.O.B.: 15/05/2016

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This litter was supposed to be born on the 16th of May, which would be quite funny as there had already been 2 litters born on this same day: litter "B", from which we kept 2 bitches, SeaLords Breakfast at Tiffany's and SeaLords Back to the Future, and litter "M". It may sound strange but we only noticed the coincidence of litter "M" being born on the 16th May well after the puppies left home, and it was even stranger that we had named the pick of litter "Moon River", the song from "Breakfast at Tiffany's"! So we decided that if these puppies would be born on the 16th the female pick of litter (to keep at home) would be named after a song from the film "Back to the Future" and the obvious choice would be "Power of Love". Eventually the puppies were born one day earlier than predicted but we still decided to name the pick boy Power of Love, so all the rest of the litter would have to start also by the letter P. And looking at the options the choice for pick female was very easy. I know that everybody thinks of "Paper Moon" as the movie, but for me it was first of all a TV series, that was aired here around 1975, soon after it was released in the USA, starring Jodie Foster. We were about the same age (still are, of course ), and the character in the series had also that tomboy facet to which I could relate so unsurprisingly I became a big fan of Jodie then. So it came naturally - registered name: Paper Moon; call name: Jodie!   

When planning this litter I was hoping that Norman would give us some black patches in the head, as I am really getting fed up with all white headed dogs, so when Jodie was born (she was the first one) I was really happy! A girl and an eye patch, who could ask for better? 

Jodie has always been a very happy girl, which shows on the way she uses her tail (have I told you that I really love the tails?), and she has defended the SeaLords name in the show rings quite well, and became our 6th generation of Champions. 


Photo at 12  months

JCh PT, Ch (PT, ES, Iber, F, ACL, IB) Bagatelle Moon Dust Fairy JLW18  ALW19 LW19 BOB19'20

D.O.B.: 26/07/2017

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Luna comes from a breeder that was on my "at watch" list for almost a decade. But it was only in the beginning of 2017 that I decided to dive into this adventure and I was very lucky that Joanne Charest was willing to make my dream come true by sending me a Bagatelle bitch. Luna is everything I like in an OES: compact, lots of bone, dark eyes, good angles, a good coat that is very easy to groom and, most of all, a movement that takes your breath away! Not forgetting, of course, a very sweet, very "zen" temperament. She charms everybody that comes to know her, maybe she sprinkles some magical dust, like all fairies do. She had a successful show career, specially with specialist judges, and added some prestigious champion titles to her name. We are eager to see what she will bring to our breeding. 


Photo at 8 weeks

JCh (GI, ES) Ch (ES, GI) SeaLords Raggedy Ann  ALW23 (Madrid, Tarbes) World Promise 2020

D.O.B.: 21/12/2021

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When I mated Luna for her first litter I was not planning on keeping something for us. In fact the plans were having a last litter with Jodie a couple of months later to keep a puppy bitch to continue the family, and having two puppies of about the same age at the same time is never a good idea. There was only a female born in litter R, and she was supposed to go to a young breeder in an European country. But then this person didn't have room for a new puppy at the time, so she  became free. I later had some enquiries regarding a bitch from this litter but by then I already was in love with her. She was so special and so full of quality, that "one in a million" kind of dog, that I had to be crazy to let her go. So Lady became the latest adition to our doggy family. She is a mixture of mum Luna and aunt Jodie, both in looks and temperament, and she is a joy to live with. 


Photo at 4 weeks

SeaLords Olympic Flame

D.O.B.: 05/03/2023

[personal data]

When I mated Luna for her second litter the idea was to keep a male. However, there were only 2 show quality puppy males, with one going to the breeder of the male and the second to a person that I know for ages  that has always loved Luna and was waiting for one of her puppies. So, and despite being a very crazy idea keeping 2 puppies of the same age, I ended up deciding to keep Eris, that was considered to be the pick of the litter by the breeder of her grandfather. This pet name was chosen by my daughter, that named her after the goddess of Chaos, so you can imagine how exciting is the day to day life with her ...  She is not only very good in conformation and therefore a joy to watch moving but is also very confident and has that "look at me" quality that is so important for the show ring, but for now she is just growing up and enjoying puppyhood.


Photo at 10 months

SeaLords Had to Be You

D.O.B.: 07/05/2023

[personal data]

Heidi has been chosen to continue the SeaLords family, being from the second and last litter of Jodie. She has a wonderful character and has a nice conformation, with great pigment and coat quality, as we were hoping for when we decided on this mating. She is also a wonderful mover, with good reach and drive, just like her grandmother Lightning, so we hope she will add some titles to her name and make us proud.  


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