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●  10.12.2014 - Show season has ended and last points have been summed up, so we can now tell that Light is officially Best OES 2014 in Portugal, so her official name is now JCh (GI, PT), Ch (PT, GI, IB), GrCh PT SeaLords You've Got Mail PW14 LW14 BOB13 BOB14  

●  09.11.2014 - Updated Purdey's show results page. On her debut in the Open Class, she made 2. Exc at the Belgian OES Club show. Looking much nicer than the winner ...

●  29.10.2014 - October is a month full of celebrations. Today Blossom (Ch. SeaLords Eight Days a Week) turns 13, and she still is in great shape! Happy birthday! Up to now, all the bitches that have lived with us (Blossom, Happy, Nana, Fanny and my beloved Sola) have lived beyond 13 years, and that's obviously something to be really proud as an owner and breeder!


●  21.10.2014 - Happy birthday for Charlie (SeaLords Quantum Leap) and Purdey (SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi) on their 2nd birthday!


●  18.10.2014 - With Happy feeling better, having cleared her urinary infection, we gave her a good bath and a good brush stroke and she is looking great again! Happy is now 15.5 years, and we cherish every day she is still with us!

●  17.10.2014 - Updated Purdey's show results page. Another great result for Purdey, now at the Bundesieger show in Dortmund where, with strong competition, she ended 2. Exc with R/CAC (which counts as a full CAC)! Breed specialist Colm Hastings gave her a great report: "Good general outline, well balanced muzzle to skull, good neck and shoulders, good bone and substance, good rise over loin and well angulated. In between coats at the moment, should have a great future, well handled and presented."   (full results

From left to right: SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi (2. Exc, R/CAC), Aryakas Pandora (1. Exc, CAC), Aryakas Pherenikee, Happy Panda's Bucaneve (3. Exc), Nikita aus der Boverheide, Adorable Phyllis to Our Hearts of the Klit-ly's (4. Exc)   

●  06.10.2014 - Updated Lightning's show results page. Very frustrated for gaining only a R/CAC, with a judge (a Bearded Collie breeder) that noted croup direction in all exhibits, with Light having either a steep croup (in the report)/ not steep enough croup (said directly by the judge), and that being more important than, say, the rising topline ... Even more frustrating is having one judge say that she needed coat (which she did in fact) and 1 year after be beaten by a bitch with an inch of hair all over ... Well, let's look on the bright side, no more shows for Light, which means no more stress with the rough playing with mother Zoe, and all the flying hair that goes with that! And one "face" judge that goes to the black list!

Line-up, Open bitches. From left to right: 1st (CAC), 4th, 3rd and Light 2nd (R/CAC) ...

CAC bitches ...

●  29.09.2014 - Updated Purdey's show results page, with the results from the double Maastricht (NL) shows. She got 2. Exc both days, with a great report from Barrie Croft that judged on saturday: "Excellent big girl, feminine expression, no mistaking her sex. Excellent strength of foreface and a good stop. Brown eyes, could be a fraction darker (???). Very good neck, straight front with correct bone for her sex. Excellent topline, big quarters well angulated behind. Coat is typical for her age. Excellent quality and colour. Free easy movements. Shows high promise."

●  22.09.2014 - Updated Lightning's show results page. We were at Gibraltar, and we got what we were hoping for: 2 new titles for Light!!! She is now also Gibraltar Champion and International Champion, the first from our breeding and first portuguese OES female ever to obtain this title, so we are obviously thrilled!

●  11.09.2014 - Happy birthday to Daisy (SeaLords You Can Do Magic), Samtosha (SeaLords Yummy Yummy Yummy) and Light (Ch. SeaLords You've Got Mail) on their 3rd birthday!


●  31.08.2014 - Updated Purdey's show results page. Purdey was at the Luxembourg show, where she got 2. Exc and R/CAC.  

●  25.08.2014 - Updated Charlie's show results page. We were at the annual Club Show and this time we have nothing to celebrate. Charlie was super unsettled and didn't allow the judge a proper hands-on examination, so, despite him telling a lot of nice things about Charlie (report), he really couldn't give more than a Very Good on the day. This is pretty annoying as the Excellent at the Club Show is a requirement for the PT Ch. title, so we have to wait a whole year to have it finished, which really upsets the plans we had, but that's life ... 

●  17.08.2014 - Again, some great news from Pascalle Kuijpers and Purdey who at the Ludwigshafen International show, in Germany, got CAC and R/CACIB from the Intermediate Class. So, so proud of you, girls!  (full results)

Left: SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi (CAC, R/CACIB); right: Aryakas Niki Elbeurstomtal (CAC, CACIB, BOB, R/BIG)

 (photo by Cornelia Verelst-Loest, Elbe Urstromtal OES)

●  03.08.2014 - We got the news from Pascalle Kuijpers that her girl Purdey [JCh (Lux, NL) SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi] was at the Leuven show (Belgium) where she got the first CAC counting towards the B Ch title. Well done, girls! 

●  28.07.2014 - Updated Charlie's show results page. Another great show weekend for us! Saturday, Charlie won his second CAC, with BOB, and finished with a fantastic BIG3rd! The next day, Charlie won Breed again and was selected in the Group, but this time didn't get a place in the podium. These are fantastic results for a young dog, and we really liked the way he moved (though in the second day he was a little tired with the heat and all the excitement). 

●  13.07.2014 - Updated Lightning's and Charlie's show results pages. Great weekend for us at the Lisbon International shows! For the Lisboa Winner show we entered Light, who got BOB, and thus added the Lisbon Winner 2014 title to her name. At the Qualifier show, Charlie was entered at the Intermediate Class (his first real show, after his debut long ago in the Baby Class) and managed to get the 1. Exc and CAC-QC! He moved wonderfully, though he needs more training so he stands properly for the hands-on examination. Lightning also won her class, and with that finished her Grand Ch. PT title! A day to remember!



(SeaLords Quantum Leap)


(Ch. SeaLords You've Got Mail)

●  06.07.2014 - Purdey did it again! This time she was at Wirges (Germany) for a double show and on the first day won 1. Exc, CAC, under breed specialist Ray Wilkinson, who gave her a great report: "Lovely bitch,nice dark eyes, good pigment, lovely expression, good mouth, nice neck and shoulders, good topline, sound in body, good bone, nice coat coming through, sound mover". Go girls!  (full results) 

The next day, the judge also gave her a fine report ("lovely bitch, good proportions, nice head, strong muzzle, underjaw could be a little bit stronger, good stop and skull, nice eyes, would prefer a little bit more pigmentation, good neck and topline, well angulated, good coat quality, good round feet, moves very well, very nice temperament") but only gave her 2nd place, with R/CAC. 

●  29.06.2014 - More news from Purdey. This time she went to the Genk show (Belgium) where she was entered at the Intermediate Class and got 1. Exc, R/CAC, R/CACIB. Well done, she looks beautiful!

●  01.06.2014 - Purdey was at the Euro OES show in France and got 7. Exc (in 14 entries) in the Intermediate Class, with a nice report:  "Nice bitch, good head, enough neck, short coupled, coat of good quality, moved well"  Well done!  (full results)

Line up of the 7 top bitches in the Intermediate Class

●  25.05.2014 - Updated Lightning's show results page. Back from Madrid, where we were at the International Show (Championship Qualifier). Light won her class but lost the chalenge for the CAC to a bitch coming from Russia with a fantastic amount of coat for her age. We'll try again in the fall ...


●  26.04.2014 - Happy birthday to Zoe (Ch. SeaLords Sleepless in Seattle) and all her siblings from our litter S, who turn 7 years today!

●  19.04.2014 - Purdey [JCh (Lux, NL) SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi] got another great result: CAC, CACIB and BOS at the International Show at Goes (NL)! So happy and proud!  (full results)

Photo: Inge van Engelen (Youandi OES)

●  11.04.2014 - Our very sweet Happy (SeaLords Don't Worry Be Happy) turns 15 years today! Still lovely!



●  07.04.2014 - Updated Lightning's show results page, with the results from the Montijo show.


●  31.03.2014 - Some more good news from Pascalle Kuijpers, owner of Purdey (JCh (Lux, NL) SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi). Purdey was entered for the first time in the Intermediate Class in the International Show held in Luxembourg, and the results were great: 1. Exc, CAC and R/CACIB (which will be converted in full CACIB, since the winner is already an Int Ch). What a way to start the "grown up" competition!

●  17.03.2014 - Updated Lightning's show results page. We were at the Caldas da Rainha national show, where Light gained another point towards the Gr. Ch title. Slowly growing coat but really great quality


●  07.02.2014 - good news keep coming from the Netherlands. Purdey was entered at the Eidhoven show and with her third 1. Exc in the Junior Class she is now JCh NL!!!  

●  02.02.2014 - as there is a general lack of information about portuguese dogs out there, we've put on-line a pedigree database of purebred OES born in Portugal (data complete from 1998 to 2011, from the official records published by CPC). Feedbacks are welcome.

●  27.01.2014 - we received the fantastic news that Purdey (SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi) was entered at the Luxembourg show yesterday and won her class. She is now Junior Champion of Luxembourg!      (full results)


●  20.01.2014 - Updated Lightning's show results page. The 2014 show season began with the Porto shows. We have had good results there in previous years and this year was no exception, as on both days Light made 1. Exc, CACIB, and BOB, winning also the Porto Winner title!


●  07.01.2014 - 20 (!!!) years ago, my first litter was born. At the time I just wanted another dog to be a play mate to our Fleur and good enough to show, and was very far from thinking that there would be another litter, and another, and another, and ... ! On this journey, I made some friends, I made some enemies, I learned about dogs, I learned about people. Some nice dogs have been born, but the best litter is still the next one - and this is why dog breeding is so addictive! I will not be breeding for another 20 years for sure, but nevertheless I still have plans for the future! So, to Junior (SeaLords Aye Aye Sir), Artur (SeaLords Arcturus), Archie (SeaLords Archibald), Wally (SeaLords All You Need is Love) and Carolina (SeaLords Auld Lang Syne), that started this crazy adventure!

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