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●  27.12.2013 - Purdey (SeaLords Quality Time at Youandi) ends the 2013 show season in the 5th place in the Best Junior Female competition in Holland, having been entered in just 3 shows. We are very happy and proud to see her doing well in the show rings, and wish her owner Pascalle Kuijpers many more successes in 2014! Back home, Light is Top OES of the year and so her full pedigree name is now JCh(Gib, PT)  Ch PT SeaLords You've Got Mail BOB13! We are very happy with what Woody has produced, both for us and for the Bayroeth of Eden kennel, and really think that he has been underused but this is a very strange breed, with everybody complaining that new blood is needed but then only going for males that have the (always the same) winners behind! It is also funny to observe that people gladly use dogs that have produced displastic progeny as long as they have acceptable phenotypes (shouldn't the genotype count more when selecting a breeding dog?) and the fact that HD C is only acceptable in bitches!  

●  15.12.2013 - Purdey (SeaLords Quality Time at Youandi) was at the Amsterdam Winner show and was 3rd Exc (in 6 entries) in the Junior Class, the biggest class at this show. We are so proud, well done, Pascalle! [full results]

From left to right: Adorable Phyllis to our Hearts of the Klit-Ly's; Look at Me of Snowboot Bears (2nd place); My Lady dei Nobilpazzi; Happy Panda's Bucaneve (4th place); SeaLords Quality Time (3rd place); Hockesberghe's Walc Cinderella (1st place)

●  13.12.2013 - Just received the official HD result of Charlie. He has been classified as B, based on the worst side (the other side is A). So we can now make a summary: Woody has sired 6 puppies, from 2 different bitches, and of those:

- 1 is HD B
- 2 are HD A/B
- 1 is HD A

(the remaining 2 are living as loved pets and have not been x-rayed), thus 67% of the puppies have been classified within normal limits.

●  04.12.2013 - Just received the news about the official HD results of Purdey (SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi), living in the Netherlands with Pascalle Kuijpers. She has been classified as HD A!!! Happy!  




●  18.11.2013 - Updated Lightning's show results page. Back from Madrid, where we entered Light for the Championship Qualifier Show and the ACABE Club show. We didn't have much hope for the Madrid show (spanish judge, non specialist, who didn't examine the dogs properly and just went for amount of coat) so we were happy to just get the grading of Excellent, that is a requirement for the Ch. Spain title - and with the comments of other breeders that thought that we should have been placed higher. For the Club show, Barrie Croft (Malcro) was judging, and in fact it was for him that we entered this show. And we weren't disapointed. Light was the youngest in her class (with only 2 years 2 months) and growing coat but nevertheless got a great placing with a very flattering report: "Love her, much my type, small feminine. Super outline. Everything to like, just needs a little more pigment around eyes. They are dark. Excellent bite. Super neck. Clean shoulder, excellent bone. Short backed. On the move she totally impress. Just in between in coat change, what she has is lovely. Top class, just love that action. Needs 6 months then will be hard to beat. Top class." In the end, Barrie said us that he had just loved Light, specially the way she moved, only needed more coat. So, so proud!!!

Photo: Valerie et Alain Labous (of Reality Dream OES)

●  02.11.2013 -  Another show for Purdey (SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi) (owner Pascalle Kuijpers), and another 1. Exc, this time in Bleiswijk (NL), under specialist judge U. Goransson, from Sweden. So happy and proud!  (full results)

Photo: Inge van Ingelen (Youandi OES)  

●  21.10.2013 -  Happy Birthday to Charlie (SeaLords Quantum Leap) and Purdey (SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi), from our litter Q, 1 year today!



●  05.10.2013 - we got some wonderful news from the Netherlands. Our girl SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi was at the International Show in Zwolle where she won the Junior Class and ended R/CAC (too young to compete for the CACIB)! Purdey is loved and spoilt by Pascalle Kujpers that is doing a great job with her, and we are very happy for this well deserved win! Judge was Edy Dykstra-Blum, a well known breeder living in Florida, so this result is even more special!

Full results here 

Photo: Inge van Ingelen (Youandi OES)

●  26.08.2013 - We've just received the result from the EIC test made by the University of Minnesota and both Charlie and Lightning are clear!

●  08.07.2013 - Updated Lightning's show results page. We had the last of the Championship shows of this year this weekend. We had entered Lightning "hoping for the best but expecting the worst" as she is still young but, in the end, dreams came true: Light won CAC/CACIB/BOB, thus fulfilling all the requirements for her Ch. PT title! We are still over the moon! Light is our 5th homebred champion and belongs to  the 5th generation of dogs carrying our SeaLords prefix, and this is a first in the history of the breed in the country!


●  01.07.2013 - Purdey (SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi) was out for the second time, this time in Wirges, Germany, where she came 2nd in the Puppy Class (/4 entries). Well done, Inge and Pascalle, we are very proud!


Photos by Inge van Ingelen (Youandi OES)


●  03.06.2013 - Lightning's show results page has been updated, as we had another weekend of showing. Outdoor shows are normally very nice and more relaxed but this time we also had very hot weather. But we can't complain much as, at the end of the 2 days, Lightning had made 2 x CAC, 1 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, 1 x selected in the Group (top 5 dogs) and, on the last day, BIG3rd!!! Lightning is in the process of changing coats but is developing very nicely, just needs to settle a little bit more to better show her lovely movement.


●  14.05.2013 - Our little Dutch ambassador, SeaLords Quality Time for Youandi, made her show debut this weekend at one of the most prestigious shows in continental Europe, the Euro OES Show. 13 puppy bitches entered, 12 present. Purdey behaved very well and was graded Very Promising, with a nice report: "Good eye color with pigment, short muzzle, correct bite, nice neck and front, good topline,well angulated rear, well set hocks, moved well". Well done Pascalle, I hope you will have a lot of successes in the future!

Photo by Inge van Ingelen (Youandi OES)

Also Lightning's show results page has been updated. Sunday we were with Lightning at the Badajoz International show, where she gained her first CACIB

●  29.04.2013 - Samtosha (SeaLords Yummy Yummy Yummy) has come home to spend the long week end with us and he had great fun, specially with Charlie. Samtosha is a big boy with a wonderful head, a very good coat quality and, on top, a lovely temperament. He is a very happy boy, always wagging his tail!


●  21.04.2013 - The puppies from our last litter just completed 6 months and we took some pictures to Charlie (finally the sun seems to be here to stay!)


●  15.04.2013 - Last week our sweet happy turned 14. What an achievement! Though you can see she is an old lady and sleeps a lot, she is still very fit. And isn't she happy for a (finally) sunny day?


Also Lightning's show results page has been updated. This weekend Light was at her second show in the Intermediate Class and she gained her first CAC. She is between coats so not looking her best, but she behaved and moved very well.


●  18.03.2013 - We were at the Club Show, where we entered 3 dogs: Blossie, Lightning and Charlie. All received flattering reports from breeder/judge Colm Hastings. All three behave well too so it was a good day for us. Photos and the report at their personnal show pages (Charlie, Light, Blossie)

Our team at the Club Show

●  28.01.2013 - updated Lightning's show results. The 2013 show season has started with the Porto International Shows, where we were present with Lightning. And the objectives were accomplished: Lightning was on both days 1. Exc, and thus completed all the requirements for her Junior Champion PT title! 


●  08.01.2013 - Little Ellie is on her way to her new 5* home, so now we can say that our "puppy leave" is finished. Charlie stays with us, so we have updated the Dogs at Home page

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