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 Ch PT SeaLords  Sleepless in Seattle JLW08

[Ch (PT, ES, GI, F, IB) Fantastic Edition of Bayroeth de Eden  LW06 PW08 LW08 MW08 x  Ch PT SeaLords Eight Days a Week BOB04]

D.O.B.  26/04/2007


Puppy Class


1. VP, BPIB, R/BPIG Santarém  Dec 2007  Joăo Vieira Lisboa (P)


Very correct type. Excellent head. Correct bite. Correct topline. Very good forequarters and hindquarters. Very typical coat. Regular movement. Excellent temperament


Junior Class


1. Exc, BOS Caldas da Rainha  Feb 2008  Manuel Loureiro Borges (P)


1. Exc, BOS Club Show  Mar 2008  Leif Ragnar Hjorth (N)

Report by Leif Hjorth (Rosenjhorth):

Excellent type and size. Excellent head. Very dark eyes with sufficient pigmentation. Correct bite. Excellent neck, very well developed chest for age. Very good angulation. In between coats, but what's coming has excellent texture. Moves very well.


1. VG Vila Franca  Mar 2008  Geoff Maudlen (Aus)


Very good type. Very good head. Correct mouth. Good topline. Good quarters. Good coat. Good movement. Good temperament.


1. Exc, BOB Moita  Apr 2008  Brigitta Kremser (SI)


Excellent type. Excellent head, very well formed. Scissors bite. Excellent long neck. Correct quarters. Correct coat. Very good movement. Friendly temperament.


1. Exc, BOB Elvas  May 2008  Michael Forte (Ire)


Well moving female. Nice proportions, good rise in topline, good skull, good neck, moving quite nice.




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Euro-OES Show  May 2008  Liz Cartledge (UK)


From left to right: Argovian Golden Girl, It Started With a Kiss from Beautiful Highland, Ava Gardner de Bushy Bear, Gipsy Girl of Snowboot Bears, SeaLords Sleepless in Seattle, Youandi Mademoiselle Chanel

Report by Liz Cartledge:

Good neckline, feminine head and outlook, firm body. Nice shape and proportions. Just needs to learn to relax and enjoy herself.



1. Exc, LJW08

     Qualified for Crufts 09


 Jul 2008

 Avi Marshak (Isr)




1. Exc, BOS


 Aug 2008

 Giobatta Tabó (It)


Good head. Correct angulation. Sufficiently compact body. Good markings. Correct topline. Hind movement a little close. 



Intermediate Class

1. Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS Santarém  Dec 2008  Barbara Muller (CH)

Report by Barbara Muller (Pennylane):

Excelent bone. Beautiful head. Dark eyes with good pigmentation. Good stop. Excellent neck with a compact body and excellent hindquarters. Moves well, a little open in front. Coat is changing.



3. Exc Porto  Jan 2009  Michael Forte (Ire)


Could have more shoulder. Head could be a little more developed. Good topline. Well handled.

From left to right: Bim Bom Bam Idem de Idem, Del Jowers Zingara; SeaLords Sleepless in Seattle


Open Class

1. Exc, CAC, BOS Loures  June 2009

 Rui Oliveira (P)


2. Exc Lisboa  July 2009

 John Wauben (NL)



1. Exc, R/CAC Estoril  Aug 2009

 Ole Staunskjaer (DK)


Good size, could be stronger in head, topline acceptable (?!?!), long in loin (?!?!?!?!). Good colour, moves well



1. Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS Batalha  Dec 2009

Luis Catalan (P)

Report :

Typical. Well proportioned head. Correct bite. Good angulation. Good body. Correct coat texture. Would like a better grooming. Moves well.




   New Ch. PT !!!

Porto  Jan 2010

 Ann Ingram (UK)




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