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JCh (Lux, NL) Ch Lux, NL, D, D-VDH, B, Int Norman Harrison aus dem Elbe Urstromtal ES16 EW16 Multi Ch Eldorado aus dem Elbe Urstromtal Ch USA To-Jo's Funny Papers
Ch USA Applaus aus dem Elbe Urstromtal
Multi Ch Jadore aus dem Elbe Urstromtal Multi Ch Incognito of Snowboot Bears
HolidayInn aus dem Elbe Urstromtal
GrCh PT, Ch PT, GI, IB, JCh PT, GI SeaLords You've Got Mail PW'LW14 BOB13'14 GrCh PT, Ch PT, ES, GI, IB Auriga's Woody Woodruff JP09 PW10 LW10'12 BOB10'11'12 BOG10 Ch Can, USA Auriga's Robert the Rogue BIS, BISS
Ch Can Auriga's Custom Made
Ch PT SeaLords Sleepless in Seattle JLW08 Ch PT, ES, GI, F, IB, Fantastic Edition de Bayroeth de Eden LW06 PW08 LW08 MW08
Ch PT SeaLords Eight Days a Week BOB04



SeaLords Power of Love



SeaLords Pillow Talk



SeaLords Pocket Full of Dreams


SeaLords Paperback Writer


SeaLords Paper Moon 


SeaLords P.S. I love You


SeaLords Pretty in Pink



SeaLords Pour Some Sugar on Me








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