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Photo at 21 months

D.O.B. 11.09.2011
Pedigree Ch Auriga's Woody Woodruff   x  Ch SeaLords Sleepless in Seattle
[pedigree (illustrated)]
DNA profile Genindexe D14960  

15/22 = 68% heterozigous loci



  HD: A/B  

  Eyes clear (ECVO 12.07.2014, 10.07.2015)

  MDR 1 +/+ by parentage

  PCD +/+    by parentage

  EIC clear  (VDL/UMn  21.08.2013)

Height   at withers: 57 cm

  at loin: 58 cm 

Weight   30 kg 
Width of head   12.2 cm 
Eyes  very dark brown eyes   

 incomplete pigmentation

Mouth  full scissor bite

 (no missing teeth)

Litters produced   (1 male, 4 females)

  P  (4 males, 4 females)


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